Ram Land First Responder Program

At The Performance Group we realize that our community and communities across North Carolina rely on the bravery and courage of our First Responders. That's why we have developed our First Responders Program, it's our way of saying "Thank You" to all men and women who serve and those who volunteer to keep our communities safe and great places to live.

As a member of the Law Enforcement community, Fire Fighting (Paid and Volunteer), EMS  and the National Guard, you are eligible to participate in the Chrysler Emergency Responder Incentive Program (ERIP).  The ERIP allows qualified persons to purchase private vehicles utilizing the same government fleet concessions that their agency has access to.

All we need to get you qualified for the ERIP program is a copy of your badge or ID and a notorized letter from your agency that confirms you may be called upon to provide emergency response.

Vehicles can be purchased from our inventory, or we can order a vehicle for you. Concessions vary according to model and equipment, so let's get started and we'll show you the path to a new Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram product.

Contact our Commercial Sales Manager, Gene Daniel, or Commercial Liason Anne Wicke at (910) 592-JEEP (5337) for all of the details on how you can take advantage of the tremendous discounts offered by the Emergency Responder Incentive Program.

To ensure your qualification for this program, please download the form below, complete it and have it notarized.



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